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  “I am a skydiving photographer and long time VERY happy user of your switches.
I seriously cannot believe people are using the other switches, like I said I tried them but they are sharp, small, and very expensive compared to the ones you build and... I think they are the biggest pain.I used them once, and just confirmed that there is only ONE switch.. yours.“
Iwan S

  “I have been using my tongue switch to capture more engaging, exciting action photographs. I’ve attached one of the photos I captured in Acadia National Park while riding my bike using the Conceptus tongue switch. I’ve been trying to also use the switch cross-country skiing and on zip lining adventures. It’s worked perfectly every time! I’ve been sharing this photo with my students in my workshops, seminars, and presentations as an example…and I always have to show the tongue switch when I do! Happy to help promote your excellent product.“
Colleen Miniuk-Sperry

Member of Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA)
CMS Photography

  “I have just added my comments re your service on The skydiver to skydiver informal advertising is priceless--anyone can purchase a big budget glossy ad and make themselves look good (temporarily) It's the personal connection that helps build a loyal customer base!“
John B

  “I appreciate all the work that you put into making hands down the finest switches that I have ever seen. I am even more impressed by the effort that is put into your customer service!“
Eric B

  “Thanks again for you willingness to stand behind you products and for excellent customer service. “
Jason W

  “thanks again for your great service. Will continue to buy and recommend your products, cheers....“
Matteo G