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If you have a camera that takes a factory plug only, you will need to obtain a hand-operated switch from the manufacturer or a camera store, and splice it onto your Conceptus Tongue Switch or Bite Switch.

1) Cut the wire on factory switch at least 2 inches (5cm) from the plug. Strip the main insulation about 3/4 inches (2cm) and the individual wires about 1/2 inch (1cm). There will usually be between 2 and 10 wires inside the main insulation. Isolate these so none touch the others.

2) Insert plug into camera and set camera to the mode in which you intend to use it. Cross the bare wires with each other, one at a time, until you identify the ones which operate the shutter and autofocus, and mark them accordingly. Any wires exposed which serve no obvious function should be cut short and covered with tape or glue.

3) Cut the plug off of the Conceptus switch and strip the outer and inner wires to allow 1/2 inch (1cm) exposed wire. Connect and solder the wires you have identified on the factory plug to the wires on your switch, isolating them with shrink tubing or tape. The "ground" wire from the plug should connect to the bare copper wire on the switch. The "shutter" wire should connect to the white wire. The "autofocus" wire may be connected with the copper wire for constant focusing or to the white (or red) wire for focusing with each individual shot. Tape or shrink-wrap the assembly securely. You might also consider connecting the plug and switch with some common plug/jack combination so you can change switches as needed without cutting the wires. "RCA" plugs work well, and are available at most electronics stores.

4) Test out your new system thoroughly on the ground to verify satisfactory functioning.

5) Contact Conceptus if you need any assistance with this procedure and we'll be happy to help.