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"Without pictures, it's just a story"

If there is a problem with either the switch itself or its usage, it will probably be apparent by one of the following symptoms:

1) Will not trigger camera at all Verify it is fully plugged in, camera is on, batteries good, lens cap off, common sense stuff.

2) Triggers once then stops Make sure camera is set to "multiple exposure mode," lens cap off, shutter not set on "bulb" or "single exposure." Also try different Autofocus modes.

3) Triggers camera continuously while you are not activating switch Verify it is fully and firmly plugged in, check to see that the switch mechanism and the elastic membrane covering it are not damaged. The insides are relatively waterproof, but can still be damaged by misuse such as puncturing and crushing with the teeth.

Note: If your Conceptus switch is stored or left for a period of time in unusually hot or cold temperatures it will fail prematurely. An example would be leaving your switch on the dash of your car in temperatures over 90 degrees F.